Diplomatic scandal case is back

Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni THE CRITICS of Foreign Minister Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni are at his throat again, this time accusing him of taking a decision that smacks of impunity, wanton disregard for the rule of law and conducting himself in an undiplomatic and unlawful way.

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has hinted that it will this week haul the Foreign Minister before the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) over his recent decision to terminate an

agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Africa Legal Aid, a pan-African international human rights organisation headquartered in Accra.

The group told journalists in Accra that the Minister must resign because his actions are becoming an embarrassment to the nation.

They said he did not only fail to give reasons for terminating the said agreement but contravened the pre-requisite legal provisions mandatory in such a termination.

Kwabena Bomphe, speaking on behalf of AFAG, claimed that there is an express provision in the said international agreement that any dispute between the parties shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, 1961 (Act 38) and that the agreement could only be terminated only after six months of notification.

Kwabena Bomfe alleged that Alhaji Mumuni neither used arbitration in settling whatever unnamed dispute he had with the Africa Legal Aid, nor did he give the organisation six months’ notice but only directed that the agreement be terminated.

“Clearly the conduct of Alhaji Mumuni was also in palpable violation of due process and the rule of law; it is hugely appalling and deplorable of a person occupying the position of the Chief Diplomat of the nation.

“It evidences the gross impunity characteristic of the nature of the incumbent Foreign Minister of Ghana. Obviously, Alhaji Mumuni is accustomed to acting lawlessly. He has shown utter disregard for the tenets of diplomacy and cannot be seen to be parading as the nation’s chief diplomat,” AFAG noted.

AFAG said it is renewing its call for the resignation of Alhaji Mumuni at a time some of its members are being attacked by armed gangs and threatened with violence and human right abuses.

Sammy Awuku, a member of the group said already, their meeting places had been broken into and their documents and computers stolen.

By Rocklyn Antonio