NDC Women’s Organiser Attacked

Gloria HuzeTHE EJISU-Juaben Constituency Women’s Organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Gloria Horzu, has allegedly had a finger poked in the eye for opening her mouth ‘too wide’ at the party’s meeting. 

The hapless woman was also slapped on the left cheek before observers rushed in to rescue her from suffering further beatings at the hands of her heartless attacker who was then filled with rage. 

Gloria Horzu claims she was manhandled by Mr. Aracio aka ‘Show’, the NDC Bantama Constituency Chairman, who is a popular car dealer in Kumasi, on Thursday. 

She insisted that she is currently suffering from aching eye deficiency and has since reported the matter to the police who are investigating the case. 

On what led to her sad fate, she said her well-built attacker, without provocation, pounced on her immediately after a meeting involving the NDC regional and constituency executives. 

Held at the Salisburg Hotel in Kumasi, the meeting, she noted, was chaired by Kofi Opoku Manu, the Ashanti Regional Minister, and was graced by Daniel Ohene Agyekum, the NDC Regional Chairman. 

The purpose of the meeting was to find ways to ensure successful election of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives, coming off soon in the region, said she. 

During the meeting, Gloria said she asked what the regional executives were doing about a petition sent by her constituency executives in protest against the nomination of Mohammed Boakye Agyeman as the Municipal Chief Executive for their area. 

This statement, she said, surprisingly angered Mr. Ohene Agyekum who retorted that despite their protest, he as the Regional Chairman would make sure that the polls would go on as planned. 

This answer from Mr. Agyekum, she narrated, did not go down well with her so she asked for more clarification but this further angered the Regional Chairman, who threatened to beat her up in the presence of the other members of the party but he was restrained by onlookers. 

Later on when the meeting was over, she alleged that Mr. Aracio, acting on the orders of the Regional Chairman, gave her a slap and fingered her in the eye before he was restrained from unleashing further beatings on her. 

Gloria said she had since reported the matter to the police, but said no arrest had been made as at the time of the interview with Kwame Adinkra of Angel FM in Kumasi on Friday morning. 
Meanwhile, Hamza Abugri, the NDC Bantama Constituency Organizer who claimed to be at the said meeting, has described as hoax, Gloria’s allegations, urging the public not to believe her.

Speaking on the same network, he noted that Mr. Agyekum, in response to Gloria’s question, said “the regional executives have forwarded the petition to the Castle and that until he receives a letter from the President, the election would go on as planned”. 

At the end of the meeting, Abugri noted, Gloria who seemed not content with Mr. Agyekum’s answer started to rain insults and insinuations on the NDC Regional Chairman in the full glare of the public. 

According to him, Mr. Aracio, who happened to be at where the nasty incident was going on, immediately rushed in to weather the storm but this eventually resulted in a heated debate or ‘verbal bash’ between him and Gloria until the two feuding persons were separated. 

Abugri categorically stated that the Bantama NDC Constituency Chairman did not lay a finger on Gloria, let alone slap or poke his fingers into her eyes as she was speculating. 

However, Gloria alleged further the MCE nominee, Mohammed Boakye Agyeman, has confessed to her that he did not qualify for the position and that Asiedu Nketia, the NDC General Secretary, was aiding him to get the revered position via the back door. 

“Boakye Agyeman begged me to follow suit and also help him to get the position but I refused and sacked him from my house,” she alleged, explaining, “this is why we have kicked against his nomination”. 

She added, “Also, Boakye Agyeman has not been seen in the area since 1996; again when we were toiling hard to ensure the party’s triumph, he was not around so he does not deserve the post”. 

Still jabbing Boakye Agyeman, Gloria alleged, “he was not part of the three persons that were short-listed and interviewed for the position. This suggests that he is being taken through the back door”. 

Gloria was of the views that because she always stands for the truth, that is why she was violently attacked by Mr. Aracio, and promised to always speak the truth even in the face of death.

From I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi