Barcelona Fan Group Dismiss Secretary After Violence In Munich

One of the Blaugrana’s fan groups have expelled their secretary for allowing a group of radicals access to the stadium in Munich.A Barcelona security guard was attacked by the club’s own ultras, the Boixos Nois, prior to Tuesday evening’s Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

After a thorough investigation, it has been reported that the secretary of one of the club’s other supporter groups, La Pena Barcelonista Riojana de Logrono, sold tickets to 20 members of the Boixos Nois.

“The person responsible in helping them [Boixos Nois] attend the match is the secretary of our organisation, but the rest of the members had no involvement with the incident,” the president of La Pena Riojana said in an official statement

“This group is against any expression of violence and we regret the events that took place in Munich. We have decided with immediate effect to expel Senor Vallejo.”

Meanwhile, Barcelona also released a formal notice of their own in relation to the incident: “Our security team have informed the Board of Directors and the Disciplinary Committee that fans of the radical group who were identified in the stadium corresponds with the batch of tickets allocated to the Pena Barcelonista Riojana.

“Thanks to the security squad who travelled with Barcelona, the German police were able to identify the aggressors. The club will now wait for an explanation from those in charge of La Pena Riojana before taking any disciplinary measures.”

KS Leong,