Minister urges chiefs to be sensitive to their people needs

Mr Mahmud Khalid, Upper West Regional Minister, has urged traditional rulers to endeavour to meet the basic needs and aspirations of their people, which give a true meaning to the chieftaincy institution.

He said many people see the institution as a source of inspiration and hope but regretted that those qualities were fading, adding that, something needed to be done about the situation.

Mr Khalid made the call during the enskinment of Kuoro Hillah Forkoh III, a divisional chief of Billaw in the Lambussie Traditional Area on Sunday.

The Regional Minister said the chieftaincy institution had come under intense criticism due to the numerous disputes in the country that keep eroding its good image.

Chieftaincy disputes, Mr Khalid said were not only impacting negatively on the socio-economic development, but also causing a drain on the national coffers, especially when they escalated into conflicts.

He said as a result, some people have questioned the importance of the institution in the socio-economic development of a country.

“Our noble chiefs have to work hard to restore the image of the institution by emulating other excellent traditional leaders like the Asantehene, the Okyehene and the Agbogbomefia, who have served as important agents of change and development in the country,” he said.

Mr Khalid said government would support the chieftaincy institution through collaboration with the various houses of chiefs to enable them address their challenges.

He said government also expected chiefs to lead the crusade against ignorance, poverty and environmental degradation in their traditional areas to improve the people’s living conditions.

Source: GNA