Uli Hoeness Urges Hoffenheim To Become Self-Sufficient

Bayern boss Uli Hoeness wants the minnows to become less reliant on the money of billionare backer Dietmar HoppHoffenheim have surprised everyone this season following their promotion and finished the first half of the season at the top of the Bundesliga.

However, in a discussion with his counterpart Jan Schindelmeister, Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness has urged the Sinsheim club to move towards a situation where they don’t have to rely on their sugar daddy, Dietmar Hopp.

“The club have a very good chance to establish themselves as a power in German football. In the medium term, they have to get to a point where they move away from dependence on Dietmar Hopp,” Hoeness told the Tagesspiegel.

It might surprise Premier League fans but Schindelmeister said he agreed with Hoeness.

“That is also our ambition, but it will take a few years until we get our income and outgoings stable,” he stated.

Hoeness, while praising the honourable intentions of Hopp, believes the club would be better off being able to support themselves.  According to the Bayern general manager, Hopp has invested €175 million in his club.

“He doesn’t want to make a profit and doesn’t expect anything in return,” Hoeness said.

“He sees it as an investment in the area from which he comes. It is the best form of support, but at some point it will have to end.”  

The Bayern manager also admitted how seriously the Bavarians were taking Hoffenheim in the title race.

“They are a direct rival for the title and therefore we were unwilling to allow Toni Kroos to go there on-loan. We are taking them very seriously, because in a sporting and financial aspect, they are in a position to challenge us.”

Mathew Burt, Goal.com