Tribal quarrels break out

A group calling itself ‘Patriots for the Protection of Western Region’s Heritage (PPWRH)’ has warned that if the Ga-Adangme Youth Association and the Osu Traditional Council do not desist from their unproductive behaviour with regard to the acquisition of a state bungalow by ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor, it would also use all available means to protect the region’s heritage for generations yet unborn.

According to the group, the current developments in the country were giving the people cause to worry; in that all of a sudden, some compatriots believed that if someone did not hail from a particular area, that person did not have the right to own property in that area.   

“The recent position taken by the Ga-Adangme youth in respect of no less a person thanthe immediate past President of Ghana has indeed concretized what we perceive as attempts by some indigenes in the nation’s capital to send signals that non-Gas have no right to own property on Ga lands,” it asserted.  

This latest development added fuel to the sudden emergence of ethnic jingoism in the country spearheaded by the Ga youth

with the alleged tacit support of some elements in the ruling party. Some youth in Ajena in the Eastern region were also agitating for the return of the Akosombo lands to the owners.

Addressing a press conference in Takoradi yesterday, the spokesperson of the PPWRH, Kwesi Biney stressed that every land in the country was contributing towards the overall development of the country, adding, “So must it be”.   

He noted that Ghanaians must believe in the present unitary state of the nation which he said symbolized oneness, common heritage and collective ownership of the resources that nature had bequeathed to the people.    

He mentioned that even though the Western region literally carried the nation on its shoulders in terms of its contribution of natural resources, it had nothing to show for it.   

He added that apart from the nation exploiting the resources of the region to the disadvantage of the local people, there were all shades of Ghanaians who had made the region their homes.

“Move along the coast of the region and there are Ewes and Ga settlements, all of them plying their trades legitimately and peacefully as Ghanaians. There are Krobos, Brongs, Kusasis among other tribes in the region,” he noted.   

According to the spokesperson, the actions of the Ga-Adangme and the Osu Traditional Council had opened the eyes of the indigenes in the region to the fact that Westerners were losing their lands and heritage to non-Westerners and that it was time the people stood up to protect and defend their heritage like the Gas were doing.

Mr. Biney alleged that a greater percentage of the resources from the Western region were used to develop the nation while roads in the region were so bad, potable water non-existent in many communities and electricity was a luxury to the majority of the people.   

“If those on whose land maize is produced also decide to protect their lands against being used in the production of maize, how will the people of Ga-Adangme enjoy their delicious kenkey?” he quizzed.   

Other members of PPWRH present at the press conference were Mireku Duker, former DCE for Tarkwa-Nsuaem and Edward Tawiah Amprofi, former DCE for Mpohor Wassa East.   

The rest were Ben Ackaah Gyesie, Kojo Kum and Fredrick Feidoo, who are all legal practitioners based in Takoradi.

PPWRH is a non-political grouping championing the cause of the Western region.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi