German Ambassador calls on Vice President

Vice President John Dramani Mahama Vice President John Dramani Mahama on Friday enlisted German assistance in the areas of agricultural mechanization and fertilizer production to enable Ghana to become a net exporter of food.

Granting audience to the German Ambassador, Dr Marius Haas, at the Castle, Osu, Vice President Mahama re-echoed government’s intention to transform the agriculture sector by way of local production of fertilizer and mechanization of arable lands and appealed for the support of Germany in this quest.

Recognizing Germany’s status as the largest economy within the European Union and her cancellation of Ghana’s debt of 275 million euros, the Vice President said Germany’s stride mirrored the efforts of Ghana to use agriculture as a basis for self-sufficiency.

He said immediate support would be required to help Ghana move away from capacity building policies to structural transformation in the agriculture sector since so much wealth could be generated in that area if the necessary investments were applied.

Dr Haas pledged support for Ghana in the areas of military cooperation to support peace initiatives on the continent.

He also pledged further economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries to enable Ghana to maintain her unassailable democratic credentials.

Source: GNA