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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Mother Killer Is Best Student


Joshua BansahThe 19-year-old student of Agortime Senior High School (AGOSEC) who is currently in the grips of the Anyirawase Police for butchering his foster mother to death last Friday, is said to be one of the brilliant and respectful students the school has ever had, DAILY GUIDE gathers.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr. M.K Fiamordzi, who disclosed this to the paper yesterday at Kpetoe, said the entire staff and students of the school were shocked when they received the news that Joshua Bansah, the Visual Art student, had killed his mother.

Mr. Fiamordzi explained that Joshua was admitted into the school as a second-year student to better his grades after he completed Taviefe Senior High School but failed some of his subjects.

Due to his calm and respectful character, the headmaster said the Senior Housefather who is married to the suspect’s auntie requested that Joshua stayed with him to attend the school.

Narrating in tears how it all happened, the Housefather of AGOSEC, Mr. Christian Ablormeti, explained that he had known the suspect to be very calm and reserved, having stayed with him for more than a year now.

He recalled that on Tuesday February 17, a messenger came to call him from a choir meeting that he was urgently needed at home.

Mr. Ablormeti continued that when he got home, he saw that Joshua had been tied up. When he asked why, he was told that Joshua strangely began attacking those in the house as soon as he returned from town and almost strangled his auntie’s mother to death.

Still bound, Joshua reportedly said that he visited a house nearby and saw an old lady with a big wound. He told his Housefather, “I will confess,” but they waited in vain without him saying anything further.

After offering some prayers with the help of those who came around, “the boy became calm and requested to eat ‘soakings,’ a request that was immediately granted even though his favourite Akple had been prepared,” the Housefather narrated.

In the night however, he woke up shouting, “they are coming” and requested that people be called to intercede for him while he continued to pray for himself with statements, like “you cannot make me mad,” and “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.”

The deceased, Ms Pray Caroline Opoku, who heard of her son’s abnormal behavior, traveled down to Kpetoe from Saviefe and requested to take him to the hospital for a blood test after suspecting he had taken marijuana.

This paper gathered that the said test proved negative, a development that convinced the deceased to seek further medical help. “But this time, she did not bring him back to Kpetoe but took him to her station at Saviefe Gborgame,” the Housemaster said.

In the night, the suspect chased the deceased’s 16-year-old house-help of out of the room. And by the time the house-help returned with people, the deceased was found dead in a pool of blood with two deep cutlass wounds on her forehead.

The youth in the area subsequently embarked on a search for the suspect and arrested him; a timely intervention of the police saved him from been lynched.

Readers would recall that DAILY GUIDE reported in its Monday February 23 edition that Joshua Bansah had butchered to death his 58-year-old mother who was a teacher at the Saviefe Gborgame E.P. primary school.

The suspect is currently in the grips of the police while the deceased had been deposited at the Peki Morgue.

From Wise Donkor, Agortime Kpetoe

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