Segbefia clears air over per diem for transition team

Alex Segbefia, Secretary to the Government's Transition TeamThe controversy surrounding the exact amount of per diem received by members of the government’s Transition Team at their six weeks sitting has been settled.

Each of the team members with the exception of the Chairman and Chairpersons of the various committees received $1,350 dollars as against $2000 dollars being put out by government critics in the past week.

Alex Segbefia, Secretary to the Government’s Transition Team cleared the controversy in an interview on Adom Dwaso Nsem on Tuesday when the issue came up during the panel discussion.

He could however not mention what was received by the Chairman and the chairpersons of the various committees.

According to him the $1,350 was arrived at based on the records available to the team as to what was given to Committee members set by the NPP government for doing a month work in 2001.

Mr. Segbefia added that based on that the leadership of the Transition Team saw what was received by the NPP functionaries in 2001 to be too high and therefore cut the amount by 10%.

He said the decision by the leadership of the Transition Team saved the nation a lot of cost for doing Six weeks work and taking less than a month’s allowance.

The Secretary to the Transition Team also debunked claims that members of the team were bussed from their various homes to the International Conference Centre where the various committees had their sittings. He said all the members of the various committees of the Transition team footed their transport bills themselves and that the $1,350 paid them was inclusive of their Transportation.

Story by Kojo Addo [Adom FM]