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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Transition team hits back at Mpiani for ‘lying’


Mr Kwadwo Mpiani, former Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential AffairsDr. Don Arthur, chairman of the executive assets sub-committee of the transition team, has called the bluff of Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, former Chief of Staff, and rather accused him of peddling falsehood about the activities of the transition team.

Mr. Mpiani, leader of the NPP transition team, said the party would not be part of the final report that would be prepared by the government’s transition team. He catalogued numerous accusations and told Joy News the government has turned the transition process into an “inquisitorial committee” ostensibly orchestrated to paint the past administration black.

But Dr. Don Arthur denies sidelining them; he tells Joy News’ Steven Anti, in an exclusive interview, that Mr Mpiani and his NPP team deliberately stalled

proceedings and refused to honour invitations for the sub-committee’s meetings.

“From what he has said I think he has developed the penchant of telling lies… This man (Mpiani) is so conscious of status and so clever to such an extent that he doesn’t want any engagement no matter how hard you tried.”

He asked the opposition NPP to put a stop to their “lies” with the assumption that they could deceive Ghanaians to believe “whatever they say to be true”.

The NPP team, Dr. Arthur reiterated, was invited to all the meetings, emphasizing that the government’s side would still continue to invite them to ensure the process ends smoothly.

“I have treated them with respect, with dignity and I will continue to treat them as such.

“I hope one day God will touch minds and hearts for them to cease telling lies,” he prayed.

Even though the final report is yet to be compiled, Dr. Arthur gave an impression, which suggests that the Kufuor administration might have mismanaged or abused state assets.

“They conducted themselves in a manner that is inimical to the interest of the people of this country. They were selling state properties to themselves; I mean they were grabbing left and right.”

Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani has however rebutted the alleged malfeasance by the previous government, which are being flogged by the media as mere fabrications; engineered by the NDC operatives, to tarnish the image of the NPP administration.

Story by Isaac Essel

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