Mills Tackles Filth

President Mills has put in motion measures to rid the country of filth in fulfillment of his promise to make Ghana clean President Mills has put in motion measures to rid the country of filth in fulfillment of his promise to make Ghana clean within his first 100 days in office.

A group assigned by the President to perform this arduous task has made a presentation to Vice President John Mahama and media personnel at the Castle, Osu to demonstrate how the project would be executed.

Rojo Mettle Nunoo, a member of the group, explained that the project dubbed “Ghana Going Green” involves using environmentally-safe organic products in schools, hospitals and government buildings in order to reduce waste. He said through the use of a product called the “Ghana Septic Miracle”, the presence of flies, mosquitoes and odour in septic tanks would be controlled and eliminated.

Mettle-Nunoo also indicated that as part of the programme, septic tanks would be modified to release excess water by installing drains for water run-off.

According to him, the project had been designed and segmented into various phases.

He said the phases would deal with purifying indoor air in offices and classrooms with ‘Ghana Airzyme Miracle’ which is easy to spray by hand for localized treatment or fogged for large spaces.

With polluted lagoons, he mentioned that the Task Force would clean up banks of lagoons with ‘Ghana Bio Miracle V’ by using a tractor spray system to apply the product all around the lagoons, thereby eliminating the stench that emanates from them while controlling flies and mosquitoes.

For refuse and other solid waste, Mettle-Nunoo stressed that organic materials would be used to help eliminate the odour and flies, adding that other measures would also be taken to deal with the solid material.

For his part, Vice President Mahama expressed worry about disposal of both solid and liquid waste in the country especially since some of this waste is dumped into the sea.

He said emptying such waste into the sea is wasteful as it could be harnessed for energy and manure.

Vice President Mahama also mentioned problems associated with plastic waste, and called for concerted efforts in dealing with the menace.

He called on all plastic manufacturers and other stakeholders in that industry to fashion out measures to deal with the situation that has engulfed the country.

Mahama assured Ghanaians that the government was not going to legislate on plastic waste as it could take many people out of business.

Other members who addressed the media were Dr. Christine Amoako-Nuamah and Dr. Bruce Wattford.

By Wisdom Peter Awuku