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In-Thing Maglogue Is Out


Sheila AkoTO EDUCATE fashion enthusiasts and women in particular about the latest trends in African fashion, Sheila Ako, one of Ghana’s young graduates has introduced into the Ghanaian fashion market the “In-Thing Maglogue.”

The 76-page colourful maglogue gives intricacies of various fashion trends and other issues that are of great concern to women especially. It also highlights greatly on African print fabrics and how they can be used in fashion to enhance the body.

The maglogue is anticipated to make readers appreciate the versatility of the fabrics and the assuming concept of fabrics being fashioned in bold and strong fashion details with heavy embroidery.

Beyond fashion, there are other articles on cosmetics, providing a good balanced diet, proper body grooming for a better appeal and other tips including what makes women sexy according to men.

The “In-Thing Maglogue” is a compound word; ‘In-Thing’ meaning “which is current” while ‘Maglogue’ is the combination of the words Magazine and Catalogue.

Sheila Ako told BEATWAVES in an interview that “the main idea in setting up the Maglogue was to help set a local print fashion trend and develop a taste and drive in the wide use of African print fabrics.”

It is anticipated to attract the youth who wouldn’t, on a normal day, appear in prints commonly modeled in ‘Kaba and Slit’ just because they are too restrictive to local prints. It is also targeted at people in the Diaspora, who would always like to identify themselves with something African, so it is to attract Westerners who think the African print fabrics are always fashioned into garments that have heavy fashion details. For the past few months since it hit the market, the maglogue has gained some international recognition.

“It’s now in UK and has four outlets there. On January 21, 2009, I had the opportunity to talk about the maglogue on BEN TV’s Women’s Hour programme in London that transmits on Sky, which also reaches out to a number of countries like the USA, Ireland, Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Togo, Benin and a lot more,” she said, adding that the maglogue is going to be on the Women’s Hour website. In Ghana the maglogue has 20 outlets in Accra of which the shopping mall (Swatch shop), STC yard, Osu Shell, Adabraka Shell, British Council are included among other outlets in other regions of Ghana.

By Francis Addo

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