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Evans Returns With Another Album


Evans ForsonYoung and talented gospel artiste, Evans Forson who is committed to helping colleagues achieve the best on earth is out with a new album, ‘Dzi Dew’.

After about 2 years of a successful musical career since he released his first album, Nyame Ye, Forson has re-emerged with a second hit.

Evans is typically noted for his prayerful, cool worship songs which he said are meant to edify the soul and help the children of God have an effective communion with Him.

Dzi Dew is an album which exposes the maturity and improvement of Evans’ style as a musician but still maintains the cool meditative worship nature that the artiste is noted for. Dzi Dew, which means ‘rejoice’, is a slow-paced song which says it all.

The album opens with a cool instrumental introduction of the popular hymn Take My Life and Let It Be. The sound effects are beautifully programmed and could easily invoke the spirit of God when listened to prayerfully.

Thanks is more of a prayer than a song though it contains instrumentals of some Ghanaian worship tunes. Instead of singing, Evans takes us through a long prayer session while the instruments play in the background.

Mensuro is sang in a slow-paced worship vein to make the listener meditate on the encouraging lyrics of the singer, who clearly reiterates the need for Christians to be bold and never fear so long as God is with them.

The message in Mensuro is further embellished with more encouraging words in Banbofo which means “God our protector”.

The album also has Awuradze Asor, N’adoye, Aseda, Agyenkwa, I’ll Say Yes and I Believe.

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