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GBS Subscribers Petition Management


GBS president - Julian McIntyreSome subscribers of Gateway Broadcast Services (GBS) satellite TV in Kumasi have embarked on a demonstration and delivered a petition to the management of the company.

The group explained that the demonstration was to register their protest against what they described as deception by the company. 

According to Citi News, the management of GBS told the group that they were unable to broadcast due to some technical challenges.

The group says it later discovered that the company’s inability to receive signals since Friday, January 30 was due to bankruptcy.

Prince Osei, a member of the group that embarked on the demonstration told Citi News that though no management staff was at the company’s premises, they submitted the petition to the security man at post.

He indicated that the petition was simply requesting the management of the company to explain the reasons for their closure.

He said the petition also indicated the group’s dismay at why they (subscribers) had been deceived.

He added that the group also asked for a refund of their subscription fees.

He stated that the reaction from the management of GBS would determine the group’s next line of action.

Attempts to get in touch with the management of the company in Ghana so far have proven futile.

GBS which has already announced its liquidation is having discussions with media outfits, SPORTFIVE and Canal France International (CFI) over a possible takeover of the company.

The company announced its liquidation on January 30, 2009 citing the global financial crisis as the main reason for the action.

The company had spent over $200 million dollars in 23 African countries in its roll-out system. Currently the operations of the company in the whole of Africa have been withdrawn.

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