Politicians told to be truthful

President Atta Mills promises to fight corruptionTogbe Dekortsu II, a sub-chief of Ho, has urged politicians to be plain and thorough in explaining all financial transactions they engaged in during their service to the nation.

He said this would reduce the perception that political office holders are generally not to be trusted.

Togbe Dekortsu, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview, said some linkage could be drawn between a politician and perceptions about his attitude towards corruption.

He said in situations where civil society groups were unable to actively monitor projects politicians ought to be transparent and

sincere with the truth before people start building perceptions.

Togbe Dekortsu said morality might be regarded as intangible in evaluating politicians but, it does matter in the eyes of Ghanaians.

The GNA later surveyed public opinion on what makes politicians unpopular indicated a large credibility gap between the populace and politicians.

As a result, some senior civil servants said political office holders needed orientation in management, mannerism and general attitudes to be able to raise performance levels.

On corruption, especially with contract management, the public opinion was that political expediencies sometime force politicians to take certain “unpardonable” decisions and actions.

The respondents supported the call for the state funding of political parties.

They, however, indicated that some politicians have good moral standing but said others have also become too amenable to corrupt practices.

Source: GNA