Rummenigge Wants More TV Money For Bayern

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz RummeniggeBayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has called for the top German clubs to get a much bigger portion of the TV money in order to make the league stronger.

With negotiations set to begin over a new sharing of the spoils regarding TV income in Germany, the Bayern chief has called for Bavarian giants to be handed a bigger slice of the cake.

“The top of the league needs to be strengthened in order to become more competitive internationally.  If our top clubs are to do better in Europe, then that will strengthen the value of the Bundesliga and everyone will benefit,” Rummenigge said in an interview with Bild.

He wants to see the partition of the TV money in the next four years more favourably angled towards the European Cup participants.

“We could overtake Italy in the UEFA 5-yearly coefficient. Then the Bundesliga would get an extra place in both the Champions League and the UEFA Cup,” he explained.

In the past three years Bayern have received around €29 million from the TV marketing pool. According to Rummenigge, Bayern need around 60 million in order to be competitive internationally.

“That is the ideal.  But even another 5 million would allow us to close the gap a little.  That is the salary of a very good player,” he added.

“AC Milan get 125 million and Real Madrid even get 165 million and they laugh themselves stupid about our income.”