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Alternative weddings


Alternative weddings It’s engagement season, and if you have recently said, “Yes” or asked the question “Please will you marry me?” and got a positive response, then the next step is planning the wedding.

Your wedding is a really special day in your life but it’s also a stressful and expensive exercise, so why not have an unconventional wedding? It will free you and your finances up somewhat, but will be just as memorable. In fact, it may make for a great story for your grandkids one day!

Alternative wedding ideas

Need a holiday? How about a destination wedding? Invite only close family and friends to an exotic destination for your wedding. Of course it will be an expense for them, but they will also get a holiday out of it. It also saves the hassle of finding a honeymoon destination from your side…


A picnic wedding is a great idea for a small intimate wedding. There’s not much fuss, stress or too much planning involved in a picnic wedding, and the scenery will make for stunning beautiful photos.

For the adventurous, there’s always the option of an adventure wedding. This will take some organisation, but the final destination would be where the two of you would be — the bridal couple. This way you can also greet each guest as they arrive. You could then proceed with the ceremony and follow that with speeches and prize-giving for the adventure race!

Another alternative is a mountain-top breakfast wedding. You may need some 4X4’s to take guests up the mountain but the scenery would be idyllic — that’s if the weather holds of course…

It sounds a little crazy but an in-flight wedding certainly is extremely alternative. Get married in-flight on your way to the honeymoon destination or better yet — while in a balloon, hovering over a gorgeous landscape? Granted you won’t have many guests, but it sure will be romantic.

How about a surprise wedding? Get your friends and close family members to prepare for a weekend away without telling them about your plans to tie the knot. Let a few key people in on the plan so that they can help with the wedding plans. It would be a good idea to prepare the parents of both families for this event though.

If you really want to add fun factor to your wedding, why don’t you go for a themed wedding? There are quite a few venues that offer this. For example, you can have your guests dress up in medieval outfits!

Or what about celebrating by having a ship wedding. For example the Museum Ship, CS Cable Restorer, which is docked in Simon’s Town and houses the Roaring Forties Floating Functions Restaurant, would be a great place for a rocking wedding.

Next alternative wedding idea is a bush wedding? Guests can stay for the night and enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner under a huge tree with the happy couple. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Last but certainly not least, you could have a train wedding. The train would take guest to a scenic destination and guests enjoy a picnic and afternoon sundowners and the wedding ceremony before heading back home on the train.

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