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Proper weather forecasting can boost food productivity


Proper weather forecasting can boost food productivity Dr. Kwame Amezah, Head, Directorate of Agric Extension Services, has called on the government to put in place the appropriate measures to ensure that proper weather forecasting was provided for farmers to help boost food productivity and achieve food security goals.

“There is strong indication that being able to predict the weather properly, will help our Agriculture Extension Officers to make informed decisions about food production which would help farmers minimize losses and also know when to plant, fertilize and spray their crops”, he said.

Addressing farmers and Agriculture Extension Agents on Tuesday on the importance of forecasting to farming, Dr. Kwame Amezah noted that in addition to extension officers, districts should also help to train their farmers and opinion leaders to disseminate information on healthy farming practices.

Dr. Amezah further called for steps to be taken to increase the coverage of the climate forecast initiative nationwide to cover most crops, livestock, fisheries, fruits and vegetable production.

Ms. Maria Helena Semedo, Country Representative of Food and Agricultural Organization, said the introduction of water technology would increase the capability of farmers in water deficit areas to manage effectively water from rainfall for agricultural purposes.

“This will in turn enable the farmers to plan more effectively and quicken the pace to commercialize their enterprises thus fulfilling the objectives of the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy,” she added.

She expressed her satisfaction with the initiative and appealed to government to extend it to other parts of the country aside the three northern regions and pledged the support of the FAO towards the initiative.

Mr. Emmanuel Eledi, Upper West Regional Director of Agric called for the introduction of other advanced system of farming to cover the whole country and also protect the seas and ports with instant data on the weather.

“There should also be more training, quality demonstration and adequate logistics for supply and research into the projects which will enhance farming in the country”, he added.

Source: GNA

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