Marginalisation of Voltarians condemned

Marginalisation of Voltarians condemnedMost Reverend Francis Anani Lodonu, Catholic Bishop of Ho, on Tuesday, observed that Volta Region risked being marginalised for its political posture.

He said while the entire country was basking in the honour and joy of peaceful Election 2008 and transition, the Region had been cited and bashed for alleged election related violence and intimidation with threats of legal action.

“It is time citizens from the Region come to terms with the reality that members of the same family could belong to different political parties and hold divergent political views without being enemies,” he said.

Bishop Lodonu made the observation at a dinner he hosted for Heads of Departments and other dignitaries at his “Assisi Kope” residence at Deme near Ho.

It was under the theme, “Come let us express our special gratitude in sharing fellowship together”.

Bishop Lodonu expressed appreciation to individuals and institutions that assisted the Church to undertake its programmes in the Region and called for greater teamwork in future.

He urged Ghanaians to be grateful to God for taking them through very frightening moments during Election 2008 and still peace prevailed in the country.

Bishop Lodonu, however, noted that Election 2008 denied Ghanaians the opportunity to celebrate the joy of Christmas and New Year saying everything was being done to ensure that such moments were not lost to the country in future.

“Politics should not disturb our peace moments,” he said.

Bishop Lodonu appealed to the Government to persuade the Zimbabwean Government especially President Robert Mugabe “our in-law” to tow the path of political tolerance and compromise to end the hardships facing Zimbabweans.

Source: GNA