Red cards for Ivica Olic and Carlos Eduardo after fight

Red cards for Ivica Olic and Carlos Eduardo after fightA friendly match between Hamburg and Hoffenheim proved to be anything but as a fight broke out in the final minutes.

The punch-up kicked off in the 88th minute of the match in La Manga, Spain with HSV leading 2-0 when Hoffenheim’s Carlos Eduardo was tackled from behind by Ivica Olic.

Eduardo put his arm out and Olic shoved him to the ground. But the Brazilian jumped up and hit Olic in the face. Olic then hit Eduardo back.

The 1,000 fans, who had been given free tickets to watch the game, started making lots of noise. Other players became involved but had a hard time breaking it up.

Spanish second tier referee Javier Martinez Franco gave red cards to both players before getting on with the game.

After the final whistle, club officials Bernd Wehmeyer (HSV) and Jan Schindelmeiser (Hoffenheim) met on the pitch to discuss whether their players would be banned.

Wehmeyer told BILD: “It has no consequences for the Bundesliga.”

Really? Before the first day of the season, the DFB banned Wolfsburg star Grafite for two games after was sent off during a friendly against Palermo.

Olic was angry about the fight: “It was supposed to be a friendly. But he kicked and hit me – I just defended myself.”