Bayern angry after Arena is ‘destroyed’ in film ad

TV ad showing their impressive Arena stadium being destroyedFC Bayern were infuriated by a TV ad showing their impressive Arena stadium being destroyed which they knew nothing about.

The commercial, for upcoming Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, shocked many fans when it was shown during the German giants’ Champions League match against Lyon on Wednesday.

Hopefully Allianz was insured! In the ad, the futuristic stadium – which lights up according to whether Bayern or their tenants and local rivals 1860 Munich are playing – was spectacularly reduced to rubble.

It even used Frank Buschmann (44), a presenter on Germany’s DSF channel, to report the collapse ‘live’ for added realism.

There was one problem, however – Bayern, who own the stadium, knew nothing about the advert!

The club’s media director Markus Hoerwick said: “We were not informed and were also not asked for permission. It is not to our benefit for the Arena to be represented in such a way. We will examine now whether and how we react to it.”

They might be even more angry when they discover that jokers on the internet have altered the ad so that it is flying 1860 Munich badges which destroy the stadium…