Feb. 28 Riots Movie Premieres Today

Van VickerA FEATURE-LIKE animated movie titled ‘28th – The Crossroad’, a story based on the February 28, 1948 disturbances which led to Ghana’s independence as well the loss of some great Ghanaians, would be showing this afternoon at the British Council in Accra.

The movie, according to a press statement in Accra, was to repackage the history of Ghana in a more exciting and humorous way that is meaningful to the ordinary Ghanaian as well as make it relevant to modern day Ghanaian students and Ghana at large.

It is anticipated to attract quiet a number of media gurus and those from the arts and entertainment industry, students, former and new state officials as well as the general public.

The premiering will be used to sample views of the media, the arts and entertainment industry and the general public on what should be done and what should not be done.

The event, anticipated to bring back some old memories, is being put together by Parable Productions, an organisation that specialises in the production of animations, comic strips, book illustrations, billboard designs and other general graphic works. Parable Productions, the statement indicated, “produced Ghana’s first animated movie, Ananse Must Die and a number of other short animations and adverts.”  

By Francis Addo