We Have Learnt Our Lessons

Kofi AsanteTHE NEW Patriotic Party (NPP) is sure to come back to power in 2012, Kofi Asante, NPP chairman of the Madina-Abokobi constituency, has said.

He told DAILY GUIDE in an interview at his Madina Old Road residence that “we have indentified the mistake that cost us the 2008 elections and we are putting in corrective measures to win the next elections”.

Asked what the mistakes were, Mr. Asante said “that is our triumph card which we are holding close to our chest”.

Pressed further, the chairman expressed the need for party members to close their ranks and organise well for 2012 “which would come like tomorrow morning”.

“The party needs everybody so let’s put the last elections behind us and forge ahead as one people. There should be no division among us because a party divided against itself can never win any election,” he underscored.

Mr. Asante, who appeared visibly worried, was however confident that the NPP would come back to power in 2013.

He therefore appealed to all party faithful to exercise maximum self control under any provocative situation and be at peace with everybody, saying “that way, we can all enjoy the perfect peace we have been praying for”.

Touching on the election at Tain, the chairman stated he did not understand the lukewarm attitude adopted by the party, saying that was not the best.

Mr. Asante advised the national executives to close their ranks to avoid “enemy penetration”.

Asked about the way forward, he revealed that the constituency machinery would be reactivated, stressing that there would be no time for laxity.

By Frank Muzzu