Zoomlion/media to organise cleanup

Indiscipline; major cause of filth in townZoomlion, an environment sanitation company, in collaboration with the media, is organizing clean up exercises from Saturday to rid the country of filth, the company said on Wednesday.

It said the Zoomlion-media collaboration on public education programmes and clean-up exercises was in line with government’s initiative to keep Ghana clean.

The national campaign would be followed by regional clean-up exercises with other stakeholders, it added.

Mr Oscar Provencal, Public Relations Officer of Zoomlion, said since the inception of the company two years ago, there had been countless clean-up exercises and initiatives to rid the nation of filth.

As part of the company’s social responsibility, he said, it embarked on many campaigns to ensure that the nation was kept clean and beautiful at all times.

“It is very important to note that Zoomlion acknowledges and recognizes that without the media as major partners the fight against the ever increasing challenges facing environmental sanitation will be in vein,” Mr Provencal said.

He mentioned the negative behaviour of the general public as a major challenge saying, “It is my firm belief that until people change their habits, no amount of clean-up excises can help.”

Mr Provencal urged media houses to design environmental sanitation programmes that were geared towards attitudinal change saying these public education programmes shall be supported by Zoomlion with the media playing a role to ensure the desired impact.

Dr. Mustapha Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Ayawaso East, commended Zoomlion and the media for their role in ensuring environmental cleanliness.

He urged the media to act as watch dog in ensuring attitudinal change by exposing culprits.

Source: GNA