German Women’s Bundesliga Club FF USV Jena signs Black Queens’ captain Adjoa Bayor

Black Queens captain Adjoa BayorGerman Women’s Bundesliga Club FF USV Jena signs Black Queens’ captain Adjoa Bayor

The Management of German Women’s Bundesliga Club FF USV Jena is very pleased and delighted to announce with Adjoa Bayor a valuable reinforcement for the second half of the season, whose preparation is running at full speed.

Adjoa Bayor is 29 years old, captain of the Black Queens (like the women’s national team of Ghana respectful and affectionately is called) and comes from Ghatel Ladies FC from Accra to the city by river Saale.

The midfield player has participated in three Women’s World Cup tournaments, is playing since 1997 for their country and has received numerous awards.

So she was, among other things, African Women’s Player of the Year in 2003 and last in the All-Star-Team of the Final Tournament of the 6th African Women
Championship 2008.

Two of their biggest successes are undoubtedly the nomination for the election of FIFA Women’s Player of the Year in 2007 and their appointment to the FIFA World All-Stars team against China.

The club’s management board and the head coach Heidi Vater are very confident
that Adjoa, known for their courageous and researching way of playing, with its vital
international experience will help to reach the stated goals for the 2008/2009

Adjoa incidentally has never in her life played on snow – up to her arrival in Jena and the first training session with their new team members. “Cold, Very cold ” she says on the question of how the first training session was.

Wrapped in cotton wool jacket with a cap and scarf she is currently exploring their new football home.

While Adjoa will be supported to settle into new environment as quickly as possible,the leaders of the FF USV Jena are still expecting two additional Top-Players.
Much time remains, however, not more, because on 8 February the first game after the winter break takes place at the University
Sports Centre.

Credit:Ansgar Hartung