Fugitive found – under mum’s bed

Fugitive found - under mum's bedA 39-year-old man on the run for robbery in Romania has been found after four years – hiding under his mother’s bed.

Petru Susanu had used floorboards and carpet to make himself a cosy hideaway beneath his mum’s double bed at the family home in Vladeni.

But he was discovered when suspicious neighbours called the police after spotting his mother buying cigarettes and beer even though she didn’t drink or smoke.


“The shop keeper was immediately suspicious because his shop was one of the places he used to rob regularly and he always stole the same brand of cigarettes as she was buying,” said a police source.

Iasi police spokeswoman Virginia Pralea said: “The man had been on the wanted list for four years after fleeing following a conviction for robbery in 2005.

“He had built this hiding place under his mother’s bed, using carpets and wood boards.”

Now Susanu is facing another four years shut away in jail for robbery.