Ghanaians advised to support new government – Togbui Fugah

President John Evans Atta MillsGhanaians should be supportive of the new government to help build the country into a prosperous one, Togbui Mawufeame Fugah, an opinion leader has advised.

He said Ghana’s democracy is still young and that it behoves all and sundry, irrespective of their political affiliations to make meaningful contributions to Ghana’s socio-economic advancement.

Togbui Fugah was speaking at the inauguration of the Professor Atta Mills Foundation at a ceremony in Kumasi during the week-end.

The Foundation among other things is aimed at deepening Ghana’s democratic dispensation through intellectual discourse at seminars and forums to equip the masses with useful information about their constitutional rights and civil responsibilities.

Togbui Fugah, who is the life patron of the Foundation, was not happy that some Ghanaians due to selfish political interest had started criticizing the new government under President John Evans Atta Mills for not fulfilling their campaign promises.

He also decried the pressure being put on the new President by some National Democratic Congress (NDC) members as to who should be appointed Ministers, Metropolitan, Municipal, District Chief Executives and others.

He stressed that if care was not taken those practices had the potential to derail the focus of the new government.

Togbui Fugah, however, is optimistic that President Mills would deliver on his campaign promises because he had the practical experience, expertise and knowledge to implement effectively his plans of improving on the economy.

Mr Ebenezer Terlabi Okletey, a leading member of the Foundation, said the NDC in particular should be reminded of where they were coming from so as to work hard to consolidate their victory in the recent polls.

He said the Foundation had no political leanings and that it was opened to the public.

“…The formation of the society was informed by the good character traits, humility and commitment of President Mills in upholding the Rule of Law and Freedom of Speech,” he said.

Source: GNA