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Angry Agogo on strike in Egypt


Angry Agogo on strike in Egypt Ghana and Zamalek striker Junior Agogo has decided to take no part in his Egyptian team’s regular training sessions after being slapped with a US$50,000 fine.

The well-built hitman was not formally informed with the punishment, as he found out about it when he tried to get his salary from the bank.

He has not trained with the club since the incident and many Egyptians are blaming his hard partying for his poor form since joining the club.

Previously, former Zamalek coach Ahmed Refaat strenuously denied imposing any sanctions on the Ghanaian international for constantly skipping training sessions.

However, media reports suggested that Agogo would probably be sanctioned because he didn’t rejoin the White knights on time after Christmas.

The 29-year-old traveled to England on vacation late in December, and arrived in Cairo days later than expected.

Strict Policy

On the other hand, newly-appointed head coach Michel Decastel prohibited the first-team players and technical staff members from releasing any statements to the mass media.

Reporters have been used to an unfettered access to Zamalek’s players and officials, but apparently the Swiss boss’ policy is going to be stricter than his predecessors’.


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