‘I Want To Be Ghana’s Untouchable’

DJ MensaOnly a few names stand out when it comes to first-rate disc jockeying in the capital and the entire country.

One of such DJs is DJ Mensa, who has quickly risen to fame, rubbing shoulders with gurus in the business.

With his golden touches on the mixer, DJ Mensa has often dazzled crowds and brought parties to life. His smooth mixing coupled with wild cuts are but a few of his hallmarks.

At such shows like Miss Malaika, Face of Legon, and Stars of the Future among other big entertainment shows, DJ Mensa always tries to attract attention with the turntable.

And he is good at that as he always proves to be a real force to reckon with.

DJ Mensa, known as Micheal Ayensu Mensa in private life, told Beatwaves in an interview that his dream was beyond becoming Ghana’s finest or number one.

“Everybody is struggling to be the number one. I would not say I am the finest. I just want to be Ghana’s untouchable and being Ghana’s untouchable means I am above the number one.

So wanting to be Ghana’s untouchable has been my slogan,” he indicated.

He mentioned that he always tries being unique in his ‘DJing’ and though he would not say he is successful now, at least that has catapulted him to fame. Even though the dude has mastered the art of playing hiphop, hilife and hiplife on the turntable, DJ Mensa said he likes listening to classic jazz music.

He started disc jockeying 10 years ago with Sound Max Entertainment where he played at parties, funerals and other occasions. He has also worked with clubs like the Yegoala and Aphrodisiac Night Clubs and has as well worked with Charterhouse and Bola Ray’s Empire Entertainment.

By Francis Addo