Ahmadiyya Muslims hail Mills

President Atta MillsThe National Executive Council of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission on Tuesday urged all Ghanaians to support and cooperate with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government in its programmes towards national unity and development

A statement issued by the Mission in Accra said: “We should also pray to the Almighty Allah for his grace, favours and blessing for our homeland – Ghana.”

The statement further congratulated Ghanaians for participating in the election that saw a peaceful transfer of political power from one government to another.

“This is the second time in the Fourth Republic that Ghanaians have effected a change in government through democratic process. This demonstrates to us that democratic governance is the preferred option.

“It further shows that the process of consolidating the country’s democracy is on course.”

The Mission further called on all Ghanaians and institutions concerned with election administration to also learn from the hitches identified during the elections so they could serve as “guidepost” in the future.

Source: GNA