President Kufuor lauds political neutrality of military

President KufuorPresident John Agyekum Kufuor, on the eve of the end of his tenure as Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, commended the military for its display of professionalism, loyalty and keeping itself out of politics during the past eight years.

“This has added to our country’s image and reputation,” he said, when he met with the Military High Command at the Golden Jubilee House, the new seat of Government, on Tuesday.

Led by the Chief of the Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Joseph Boateng Danquah, the Commanders were there to thank him for what he did for the military and to wish him God’s protection as he leaves office.

They, in appreciation of his performance, presented to him a “General’s Sword”, encased with his name written on it.

A new President will be sworn in on Wednesday, January 7, at mid-day.

President Kufuor encouraged the soldiers to remain exclusively focussed, loyal and committed to the protection of the Constitution.

Lieutenant-General Danquah pledged that the military would never compromise on professionalism, discipline and commitment to the State.

At another meeting with members of the outgoing Council of State, President Kufuor expressed his appreciation for their good counsel and unalloyed support that contributed significantly to the stability of the country.

He said they should be proud for having helped to hold the nation together.

Professor Daniel Adzei Bekoe, Chairman of the Council, said they were happy with the workings of the nation’s democracy.

President Kufuor later granted audience to the National Peace Council, a body of eminent Ghanaians he commissioned in April last year, to assist resolve the Bawku conflict.

They called to appriase him of what had been achieved so far.

Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle, the Chairman, said they had connected with various groups and stakeholders of the area and met separately with delegations of the two sides to the conflict.

They were now preparing to meet them together for eventual resolution of the dispute.

President Kufuor thanked the Council for the job done and said it was his hope that the in-coming Administration would continue to engage the Council to find lasting a solution to the conflict.

Source: GNA