Getting Rid Of Unwanted Guests

Getting Rid Of Unwanted GuestsI had what I consider to be a pretty good date a few days ago. He was cute, he made me laugh and was good company. After much debate, I agreed to let him come upstairs.

Somehow, he ended up sleeping over. Now, anytime I sleep over a man’s place, I’m pretty much trained to throw my clothes on the minute the sun rises and run out, to avoid being kicked out, so I expected the same from my date.

But instead, he chose to stick around and watch television. It’s not that I necessarily had a problem with this because I did have a good time with him, but I did think it was time for him to be on his way.

It made me wonder how to properly way to kick a guy out in the morning without being rude. Of course, if you don’t like the guy and don’t plan on seeing him again, honesty may just be the best policy—i.e. “time for you to be going, buddy.” But until the iPhone invents an application for politely kicking a man out, here are five ways to get rid of the unwanted…  

1. The Emergency Call: iPhone may not have an app yet, but that’s why you’ve got your girls on speed dial. Text one of them in the bathroom and have her call you in five minutes. You can come up with a bucket load of excuses. Forgotten lunch date, she locked herself out her apartment and you have a copy of her key, you have to walk her dog. It’s a common way for getting out of a horrific date so why can’t you use it for an awkward morning-after?

2. Very, Very Important Appointment: Tell him you have a standing appointment at (whatever time you need it to be) with your trainer at the gym. It’s part of your new year’s resolution. Can’t break the resolutions so soon! If the gym doesn’t apply to you, use any standing appointment—nails, hair, waxing, gynecologist etc.

3. The Family Obligation: Family comes first, and you’ve got brunch with Mom or Dad. If your family doesn’t live in the area (and your date knows this), tell him your godchild lives nearby and you have to babysit. It’s a stretch but it’s believable.

4. Volunteer: Since we live such wholesome lives, volunteering our free time at an animal shelter or a hospital isn’t completely far-fetched. He won’t want to get in the way of you doing a good deed.

5. Work Calls: Start scrolling through your Blackberry and pretend your boss just emailed you some last minute things that need to be handled ASAP.  With layoffs going on, you can’t afford to fall behind on your responsibilities.