Facebook draws line against breast feeding pictures

Facebook draws line against breast feeding picturesDo photos of women breastfeeding cross the line for propriety and decency, when displayed on a popular social networking site?

That’s the question, as website Momlogic.com featured an irate “Lactivist” Rachel Sarah, made furious when her breastfeeding photos were yanked, and she asks: What is Facebook’s problem?

Facebook has been “pulling” profile pictures of babies nursing. The pictures have been reported as “obscene” and have been removed. The posters were warned not to repost or fear being kicked off of Facebook.

Rachel contends that nursing a baby is the most simple, natural thing in the world. So why not have pictures on personal pages?

Her argument for the pro-breast feeding pictures included famous mother of six Angelina Jolie featured on the November cover of “W” breastfeeding her twins.

Even momlogic’s own Shannon Fox, a psychotherapist, was quoted in Reuters saying: “If someone as popular, beautiful and together as Angelina is breast feeding her children, it inspires other women to do so themselves.”

Momlogic’s crew of mothers who blog argue that “breast feeding photos are not obscene, they are inspirational. And if you’re on Facebook, surely you’ve seen some photos that really qualify as obscene.”

But irate breast feeding mothers are speaking out. A group called, “Hey, Facebook, breast feeding is not obscene!” already has more than 54,000 members.

The group asks: “What about a baby breast feeding is obscene? Especially in comparison to many other pictures posted all over Facebook that really are obscene.”

Members will change their profile picture to that of a nursing mother on Dec. 27 — that’s the day women will protest in person in Palo Alto at 11 AM.

Momlogic claims that the picture doesn’t have to be a real mother — it can be a mammal and her young in the act of feeding.

The group will also be holding a “Nurse-In” at the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California on Dec. 27 to prove that breast feeding is not obscene.

Monlogic’s blogger mom army claims it is time for some “Lactivism.”

Should Facebook revoke its ban? Or this company policy good for business?