Tsatsu Tsikata Freed!

Unconfirmed reports reaching Joy News indicate that the former GNPC boss, Tsatsu Tsikata, has been granted unconditional pardon from his conviction and five-year jail term.

His brother and lawyer, Fui Tsikata, as well as his legal counsel, Tony Lithur, both confirmed they have had word to the effect that Tsatsu is now a free man, however they were yet to confirm on what grounds he has been pardoned.

Prison guards keeping Tsatsu close company at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital where he has been on admission on transfer from the Nsawam Medium Prison due to ill-health for the past two months have been withdrawn.

According to Fui, he would prefer to treat the news of his brother’s release as a rumour until he hears an official pronouncement for confirmation, adding that as at now, only President Kufuor can tell exactly what he has done.

He said whatever the President may have done, may have come by Executive Instrument, but his brother cannot be discharged from the Cadio Centre of the Korle Bu Hospital where he was treated for acute asthma last November, until the doctors advise so.

Tony Lithur on his part, said very credible sources told him he has been granted unconditional pardon, but he wondered what could be the motive and why at this time.

He said Tsatsu should not have been in prison in the first place because he was never guilty of the offence he was tried for, and granting him a pardon imposes certain disabilities on him that cannot be cured.

He would have preferred that the same court processes acquitted Tsatsu, explaining that as things stand now, he may never be able to stand for certain public offices in the country, such as President or Vice President.

Tony Lithur said knowing Tsatsu and what he stands for, the latter would be upset about what has happened.

Tsatsu was sentenced to a five year jail term after being convicted of willfully causing financial loss to the State buy the Fast Track High Court in Accra.

He made several unsuccessful attempts to get his sentence nullified.