Opinion: Ghana Speaks: the World Listens

Ghanaians voted peaceful to choose their leaderThe mighty medieval Ghana Empire stands strong no matter the undulating transitions and Governments that steer its affairs over time.

The electoral process might be sensitively felt by the founding souls of the nation, therefore let no one derail the peaceful feeling that we enjoy today for whatever reason.

Unlike chieftaincy where most ethnic groups en-throne or en-skin a leader for life till death, then a successor is rightfully chosen by the king makers, politics in Ghana and its maturing democracy have four to eight years maximum for one president.

It must be understood that the understanding of chieftaincy and the politics of democracy have similarities but should never be confused with each other. And the ways of practicing each with unique practices and judgments among the elders or cabinets as per modus operandi, should be transmitted to all stakeholders in the political arena of good and useful decisions and policies in Ghana.

With the above given, we are reminded that the avenues of leadership in the constitutional stream offer clear and simple modes of practice that when given their due process can yield timely, meaningful results. Corruption, which has been depleting and affecting the progress of many nations, including Ghana, should be minimized or stopped from negatively affecting the tax payers of the noble nation. For example, if someone is prominent in power, and they lose power, there should be meaningful severance packages in place to take care of them.

If there aren’t, they may want to fill their pockets. This is one of the numerous examples of some solutions that can help change the mindset of certain practices that don’t auger well for nation building and development in the 21st century. Why am I saying all this? Because the grey area of secrecy, manipulation, bullying and all sorts of malpractice is what we are seeing in the numerous articles on events leading/in the election 2008, which has currently morphed into election 2009.

All the political parties and citizens of Ghana should exercise their civic duty, be it Tain or any other constituency, for example, to vote for their choice of candidate, or to vote neutral (which is still very useful as it informs the statistics of the results). The results of an election are so important to analysis of the electorate, and what their preferences are.

Their choice, free from force, but what their consciences and hearts feel, will address their needs in a leader, not a ruler; a servant, not a boss. Listening to the grassroots is a useful quality of good leadership, for the grassroots or local communities are the bedrock of the nation.

When a nation is so divided over political leanings, it needs proper healing in order to employ the element of teamwork and professionalism in duty. Is it the oil fever that is affecting Ghana, or what?

Let’s sit back and review, strategize appropriately and inject sanity into our practice of governance to make it better, though the world over-praises Ghana for its peaceful nature. I would like to say by the internal standards of unique Ghanaian peace, we have a long way to go to retain the true calm and joy of the vibrancy of the mighty Ghana as well as to inculcate one nation, one people, no matter your origin in Ghana.

We should rise above the notions of do or die politics, tribalistic politics, and indecent approaches to politics. Ghana is a country forever, not a bus that may leave one or the other in terms of governance. Four years comes in a twinkle of an eye, traditionally speaking, so Ghana speaks through due electoral process and Ghanaians of voting age are expected to have their say through voting peacefully, and accept the genuine certified results.

That is when the world listens to a mature African politics of the year 2009. May the creator bless Ghana including the NDC /NPP, and future political parties. Interestingly what these two parties have in common is “National,” which brings us to the need for nationalism with cool efficient leadership today. This will foster a better tomorrow for Ghana as time- tested gateway to the African continent on many levels.

Credit: Isaac Nii Akrong [email protected]