Ex-security chiefs commend security agencies

Men of the Ghana Army commended for exemplary behaviourEx-security chiefs have commended the Armed Forces and security services for exhibiting a very high sense of objectivity and professionalism during their handling of the electoral process.

This was contained in a statement issued on their behalf by General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah (rtd) and Admiral Owusu Ansah (rtd).

“There were several incidents of violence and potentially violent situations, but wherever they were called upon the forces and security services in spite of the negative behaviour of some of their personnel, performed creditably in their handling of the situations,” they said.

The former generals who were banned by the outgoing-NPP government from security installations after they met to discuss the security of the elections, however, cautioned against complacency within the security services and forces, stating that a lot of problems that engulfed the just-ended elections were due to some security services and forces allowing themselves to be compromised politically and overlooking obvious threats to the safety of the state.

“It is important that the security services and forces remain vigilant and flush out miscreants who may still be hell bent on sowing seeds of confusion even as we switch governments.

“A lot of arms and ammunition were illegally issued to troublemakers and to protect the sanctity of our democracy every effort must be made to recover all these.

“Governments come and go and the armed forces and security services need to appreciate that their duty is to ensure the safety of the state.

“Some of us worked tirelessly to instil a sense of discipline and professionalism into the security services and forces and today they have proven that Ghana is more important than individuals or political parties.”

They said, they were aware of the attempts that were made to compromise the integrity of the great institutions of the Ghana Army, Ghana Police and
others but when they were on duty the responsibility to their motherland remained paramount.

The former Generals counselled the forces and security services to use the challenges of the just-ended elections to restore a sense of discipline within their ranks.

“Today it has been proven that Ghanaians can feel safe under the current political dispensation. Thank you for a yeoman’s job.

“The onus is on the new government that will be sworn in on January 7 to further instill a sense of professionalism and discipline within the security services and forces by putting in place policies that show a respect for the law and a desire not to abuse incumbency through nepotism and abuse of authority,” the former Generals said.

Source: GNA