When Ghanaians rejected growth and development

It is a very big surprise to many Ghanaians living outside as to why Ghanaians advocated for change during the elections.

Why would Ghanaians reject a government which has done a great deal to make the lives of the people better and stablised an economy which was destroyed by the party it has now voted into power.

Ghanaians might have forgotten that the party it has voted into power comprises of the same old politicians who made their lives unbearable.

They have also forgotten that during the time of the NDC people who were not employed were being paid to the detriment of public servants who toiled and suffered to feed their families.

My mom is a teacher and as she was struggling to feed us with the small salary she was getting some people known as the ‘VERANDA BOYS AND GIRLS’ were being paid huge amounts of money without being employed but just because they supported the NDC.

Its a pity that Ghanaians do not remember that the NDC were responsible for a ;lot of human rights abuses in Ghana and also responsible for the famous ‘SHIT BOMBING’ of offices of media men who were harsh critics of the abusive and corrupt rule of the country.

Men like Tony Aidoo, Johnson Asiedu Nketia,and others in the NDC who would like to deceive and tell lies have been given power to rule a country that has gained enough respect in the world because of the good governance and stability provided by the NPP.

This is a really sad year for Ghana. A lot of people do not have problems with the President-Elect Prof. John Atta Mills but the people around him.

Another dangerous practice of the NDC is the use of ‘TRIBAL POLITICS’ turning all the other tribes against Ashanti’s just because they are loyal supporters of The NPP. Their campaigns are always full of sayings like The NPP is the party of the Ashanti’s but its up to you the media to let people know the real Truth. You watch on whiles this practice goes on without doing anything about it. It is time you people spoke against it and made sure that politics is Ghana is free of TRIBALISM and its fought on issues.If the 2008 elections was really fought on issues the NPP would have won by a landslide margin but since it was based on deceit and lies basically from the NDC which the media never exposed they won.

If I may ask where is KWASI PRATT? I hope his aim has been achieved.He and the CJA have really done a massive job of robbing Ghanaians of peace,unity,good governance and development.I hope Kwasi Pratt has achieved the aim of getting the same people who violated human rights of people in the media back into power.Sometimes people behave as if they are the only righteous people on the face of the planet,making the NPP unpopular never meant he was going to get the CPP into power, NO.I want to hear what he has to say about this SANKOFA CHANGE.

My heart really goes out to the Ghanaians who are going to suffer for the mistake of others.The NPP should re-organize themselves and start working vigorously to to take back and restore the dignity of Ghana and continue their development.

Long Live Ghana Long Live The Npp.

Credit: Anti Emmanuel [[email protected]]