Opinion: Nduom, others must resign

CPP flag-bearer, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom called on to resign from partyThe General Secretary of the CPP-Ultra, a pressure group within the Convention Peoples Party, Ms Ama Ohene, who was a 1996 presidential aspirant of the PCP (later CPP,) and presently a college professor living in exile in the United States, has called for the resignation of Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, erstwhile flagbearer of the CPP at the just ended Ghana General Elections.

Additionally, she called for the resignation of the entire National Executive of the party, for among other charges, showing of gross negligence, failing to interpret, apply and uphold the rules and regulations of the party’s disciplinary codes, allowing the flag-bearer to favor his political cronies to the detriment of the party, mismanaging the electoral chances of the party, and failing to safeguard the party from public ridicule and humiliation.

She cited possible criminal collusion of the CPP leadership in deal-making, cover-up, and compromise, as factors culminating in the party’s loss of national credibility, and the humiliating defeat suffered at both the presidential and parliamentary polls.

Ms. Ohene has called for an immediate investigation into all allegations against the erstwhile flagbearer, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom at the national level and for all criminal invesitigation and penalties recommended by the process of law and the judicial system to be brought to bear without prejudice.

Furthermore, Ms. Ohene alleges that the kind of leadership offered by the said flag-bearer and national executive, undermines and compromises the integrity, reputation, and future fortunes of the party. She therefore advocates for immediate measures to redress this leadership crisis and negative trend in order to situate the party and its prospective presidential and parliamentary candidates for a better showing at the 2012 General Elections.

Among the various statements she is making are those below:

In the olden days, particularly in African, Asian and European civilizations, leaders of armies who lost wars were obligated to resign or simply commit suicide as a sign of honor.

In modern days, political leaders do not commit suicide, they honorably resign after massive and humiliating defeats at the polls, or after massive charges of corruption and misconduct have been made and found against them.

Current trends and protocol in international politics reveal the practice of such mandatory political resignations in countries like Japan, India, Israel, and Italy where political party leaders promptly resigned after leading their parties to abysmal and humiliating defeats at the polls, or when irrefutable findings of corruption and public malfeasance have been found against them. The SFO Reports notwithstanding, Dr. Nduom still operates with impunity.

In the just ended Ghana General Elections, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom led the Convention Peoples Party to a humiliating defeat at the polls, making 1.34% of the total presidential votes cast.
One would have expected the former flag-bearer to make a statement of honorable resignation, and acceptance of culpability for the party’s dismal showing, but there were no such admissions.

On the contrary, the former flag-bearer has engaged in recreational and mundane activities such as fetting schoolchildren and undertaking “thank you” tours, taking the liberty to make his infamous “policy of neutrality” on the run-offs to the elections, and making non-essential press conferences.

Dr. Nduom has irresponsibly preoccupied himself with public relations schemes aimed at situating himself for the 2012 elections by “launching” his next campaign, still as the flag-bearer on the ticket of the CPP. There is no attempt to admit or accept blame for the party’s diminished fortunes or the fact that the misfortunes of the CPP are the direct result of his less than sterling leadership.

To give the erstwhile flag-bearer some leverage, it could have been argued that he pursued an agenda to restore the fortunes of the party.

On the contrary, by ostensibly engaging himself and others in activities aimed at resuscitating the ailing Convention Peoples Party, Dr. Nduom situated himself to engage in opportunistic and self-serving deals with the NPP thus earning the appellation of “political prostitute,” which title further disgraced the CPP, and compromised his claims to altruistic leadership.

Other factors and activities which in spite of his “best intentions,” did not add to his credibility are the following:

1. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom’s complicity in the cover-ups concerning his possible criminal culpability in the instances of the SFO findings against him. The real findings have thus far been suppressed and never allowed on the public domain.

2. The fact that Dr. Nduom engaged in a “quid pro quo” agreement and collusion with Hon. Freddy Blay, the just defeated Member of Parliament for Elembele Constituency of the Western Region. Which bargain agreement between the two persons led to deal-cutting in total contravention, and in gross compromise of the rules and regulations of party discipline and integrity.

3. That the Ghanaian populace in reaction to some of the above failed to give their mandate to the CPP and its flag-bearer because of the diminished image and credibility of the CPP and its leadership, especially that of the flag-bearer and incumbent members of Parliament, namely, Freddy Blay, Kojo Armah and Papa Kwesi Nduom.

4. That the National Executive was also complicit in the series of cover-ups and collusions involving Dr. Nduom and Mr. Freddy Blay since they did not complete the vetting of both of these candidates in accordance with the rules and regulations of the party. Neither did the National Executive uphold and enforce the rules of party discipline regarding the charges of improper behaviour levelled against Mr. Blay concerning his controversial support and sympathies for the NPP flag-bearer in complete aberration and contempt for party loyalty; which case went through the judicial system with prejudice against the party, in addition to other charges of impropriety, collusion and abuse of office.

It has become clear in the above instances that the party’s executive and leadership could neither promulgate or enforce party discipline, thereby rendering themselves ineffective in the pursuit and discharge of their duties.

It is therefore in order for the Central Committee, in accordance to the constitution and the rules and regulations of the party, to call upon that the National Executive to resign honorably or be suspended for gross negligence resulting in diminished returns to the party.

Furthermore, it may be argued that the party’s recent struggle for resurgence have been further exacerbated and further diminished, thereby suffering negative returns in terms of profile, credibility and reputation in the eyes of the Ghanaian electorate.

5. Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom provided the kind of negative leadership which was marked by gross opportunism, cronyism and compromise. His close alliance and dealings with the leadership of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) exposed the CPP to suspicion, distrust and ridicule, ultimately resulting in its humiliating defeat at the polls.

That at the 2008 General Elections, the people of Ghana showed through the ballot box, that they have no confidence in the present leadership of the Convention Peoples Party and its national executive. That the fact that the only win for the party was the single seat won at the Jomoro constituency by Ms. Samia Nkrumah, daughter of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and founder of the CPP, renders further indictment against the present leadership of the party.

I am therefore leading the charge by calling for the immediate resignation of the erstwhile flag-bearer of the CPP, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom and the entire National Executive of the party.

I also urge the Central Committee to convene an emergency national Delegates Conference in the nearest possible time to select and mandate an interim secretariat and leadership to see to the day to day administration of the party, while they plan for a convening of the next Congress to select a substantive national executive.

As a way forward, the party must select new and dynamic leadership for the CPP, and situate itself for a positive and significant showing at the 2012 General Elections.

Credit: Ms Ama Adumea Ohene, General Secretary, CPP-Ultra, Former Presidential Aspirant.