David’s Dad Not Worried About him being with Guy Ritchie

Madonna and DavidYohane, the father to Madonna’s adopted son, David Banda, says he is not worried about his son spending more time with his adoptive dad, Guy Ritchie, following the recent divorce of the celebrity family.

Speaking in an interview with Jamati.com, Yohane Banda said that, as far as he understands, David has to share times with both sides of his adoptive family.

He said that as a boy, David needed some form of fatherly love which he can, under the present circumstances, get from Ritchie.

Asked if his attitude towards Madonna has changed, Banda said he understood that it was normal for couples to separate if they are having differences, but the differences are not supposed to go to children.

He said his attitude towards the divorced celebrity couple remained the same and further pointed out that he thanked the two for adopting his son.

David Banda became the centerstage of attention from the western media when he was adopted from an orphanage in Mchinji, in a remote district in central Malawi.

It was then rumored that David carried HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as his mother had died under mysterious circumstances.