Biography- Nana Acheampong

 Nana Acheampong Ernest ‘Owoahene’ Nana Acheampong is one musician who needs no introduction having been on the scene for a long while.
The former member of the then Lumba Brothers has just added to his repertoire and this time he calls ‘Se Eye Wode’.
Opening with ‘Kata W’ani Te’, the plea of a lover asking her packed away, the songs on the album are all typical Nana Acheampong style.

Nana is full of praise for African Women in general and Ghanaian women in particular as he sings ‘Obibini Mu Obibini’. He admires her features and qualities with all the positive words that one can think of. He quickens the pace in ‘Se Eye Wode’, the title track, making it extremely danceable. For those who make it a habit of making other people’s business theirs and are constantly gossiping. Nana has a song for them and he calls it ‘Konkonsa Killer’. He outlines the characteristics of the gossip and how harmful she can be to society. A variety of themes run through the songs. In ‘Nipa’ for instance, Nana outlines how ungrateful some people can be to the extent that people may just decide not to show kindness to others again.‘Sanbra Fie’ is another one that calls on a lover to come back home, Nana sings of how lonely he is without the woman in his life and pleads with her return home because he misses her so much. Nana Acheampong features Ro Ro on ‘Ako Me Square’ and he takes care of the rap bit in the song. Other songs on the album are ‘Twe Woho Hwe’, ‘Wo Wone Hwan’, ‘Fine Girl’ and the remix of ‘Nipa’ and ‘Ako Me Square’.

All songs were composed and arranged by Nana Acheampong and recorded at Owaohene Studio, Suame Kumasi. The co-arranger and co-engineer is George Forest with Nana Owusu as the engineer. Nana Acheampong is the executive producer for Owoahene Music.

Nana Acheampong comes from Abuakwa in the Ashanti Region, he started education at Konadu Yiadom Primary School in Ashtown. His passion for music started way back, in middle school at Bantama when he was the leader of the school band. For those who knew him in those days, it comes as no surprise that Nana has become a professional musician.Nana left for Germany and played with a band called Talking Drum until 1987 when he formed his own band and proceed on several European tours.

After releasing his first album in 1991, Nana Acheampong has been very consistent on the scene though one cannot dispute the fact that his association with Charles Kojo Fosu as the Lumba Brothers gave him a big push.He owns the Owoahene Studio, in Suame Kumasi, where he has done his latest recordings with himself as Executive Producer for Owoahene Music. His Na anka ebeye den hit is believe to have sold the most copies ever for an album in Ghana.S ome of his songs include Abu aka mesim, Casanova, Kata w’ani te, Deobrenodi, Nipa, Se eye wode, Obibini mu obibini, Ever ready, Odo yarea, Meko odo nkyen, I go die 4 u, Mansusu saa, Ako me square, Brebre Obaahemaa, Wo wone hwan.