Dan Botwe: NPP will not undermine democracy

Dan Botwe a member of the Nana Akufo-Addo campaign team says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will not do anything to undermine the country’s fledging democracy.

He says the party’s democratic credentials is faultless and is not about to taint that image.

The NPP has come under a barrage of criticisms following legal attempts to stop the Electoral Commission from declaring results of the December 28 runoff and from organising the Tain elections.

These attempts have been described as injurious to the country’s democratic dispensation.

But Mr. Botwe disagrees.

He told Joy News’ Matilda Asante on Friday the action taken by the party is well within their constitutional mandate and should not be misconstrued as undermining the country’s democracy.

“It is important for us to follow due democratic process. The impression should not be created that something is being done to undermine the democratic process.”

“If the relief sought by the party is illegal the court will not grant it,” he added.

He made reference to 1992 election when the party wrote the “stolen verdict” as proof of what he says were massive electoral fraud perpetrated by the NDC.

The party did not resort to violence he remarked.

Mr. Dan Botwe hinted the party will not be bad losers adding a substantive decision on the runoff will be taken after an ongoing meeting by the National Executive Council Committee.

The party has however boycotted the crucial Tain constituency election citing voter irregularities.

Story by Nathan Gadugah