NGM condemns politics of insults

NGM condemns politics of insultsThe New Ghanaian Movement (NGM), a political think-tank, on Monday condemned politics of insults, intimidation and personality attack that are gradually creeping into Election 2008 campaigning. “Politics of insults, personality attacks, accusations and counter accusations, especially between leading members and functionaries of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) are unhealthy
for the entrenchment of democracy in the country,” Ms Ayishietu Addy, NGM
Deputy General Secretary, stated at a press conference in Accra.

 The NGM press conference attended by five regional representatives was organized to highlight Election 2008 landmines, media coverage of activities
of political parties, security infractions and other electoral issues.

Ms Addy urged leading members of the two parties to demonstrate their commitment to the tenets of democratic governance, Political Parties Act 574, Election 2008 Code of Conduct for Political Parties and general laws in the country.

She said the attitude of some leading members of NPP and NDC who had consistently churned out insults, threats and use of unprintable words on radio were unacceptable under the current political dispensation.

The NGM therefore urged the flag bearers of NPP and NDC as well as their national executives to demonstrate their commitment to maintain peace and security by openly rebuking their supporters who engaged in politics of insults and personality attacks.

She urged the electorate to reject politicians who engaged insults, intimidation and personality attacks.

On Election 2008 landmines, the NGM identified constituencies whose intra-party parliamentary primaries were characterized by misunderstanding; monetary inducement of electorate; personality attacks; issues on the voter register and the process for cleaning it.

Others include behaviour of security personnel, moderation of radio talk shows especially those conducted in the local languages and media reportage of the political activities.

The NGM called on the National Media Commission (NMC), Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Christian Council of Ghana, Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) National Enforcement Board on Election 2008 Code of Conduct as well as democratic stakeholders to be proactive.

“We must speak out now against political ills, irrespective of the political party involved or we all risk perishing through electoral conflicts,” Ms Addy stated.

Mr Kwadwo Annin, NMG Executive Secretary, used the occasion to commend the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) for launching a survey on issues that the electorate wanted politicians to address.

The NGM commended media practitioners who had maintained their neutrality, balance and objectivity in news reportage and called on others to emulate these media houses.

Source: GNA