Oil can fail Ghana – Head of Pentecost

oil2.jpgSince the discovery of oil in the country, Ghanaians have been
cautioned not to follow the path of some African nations, which out of
greed and mismanagement, have turned the blessing of the ‘black gold’
into a curse.

Ofori Yeboah, La Area District Head of the Church of Pentecost, is the
latest to join those who are not too enthused about the recent oil find
on the premise that just like other natural resources have failed to
yield maximum benefits for the populace.

He observed that
everywhere across the country the citizens were talking about the oil
discovery as if the God-given diamond, gold, timber, among other
resources, which the nation had been tapping over the years, were not

"Everywhere you hear people talking about the oil, we
should not be overjoyed because I believe that the oil can also fail
us,” he cautioned.

Pastor Ofori Yeboah stated this yesterday
when he delivered a sermon at a send-off service organised by the
Church of Pentecost in honour of Pastor Anthony Yaw Kumi, who retired
after over thirty years of pastoral service.

The colourful event
was held at the Accra Technical Training Centre, Kokomlemle, Accra,
where the congregation from the various districts within the Accra
Metropolis and outside, converged to bid farewell to one of their

Arthur Kobina Kennedy, Communication Director of the
2008 New Patriotic Party Campaign, who attended the service, told The
Statesman that oil was an important commodity and tended to agree with
the man of God in the sense that without proper management of the
resource, the nation might not derive maximum benefits from it.

however, was quick to point out that Ghana has the opportunity to learn
lots of lessons from the experience of other oil-rich countries in
order to ensure that “ours becomes a blessing instead of a curse.”

entreated all and sundry to pray for peaceful elections in December so
that the electorate could freely elect their leaders for the nation to
move forward in development in all spheres of life.

from the book of Habakuk in the Bible, Pastor Yeboah told a story of a
soldier who took delight in going to war, killed people, conquerd and
captured opponents whilst the women wailed and warned, “If there is
anybody whose desire is to see that the country turns upside down so
that it will bring happiness to him, in the name of Jesus, may the
person be brought down.”

Source: Statesmen