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Northern Ghana falls for CPP


cpp_logo_standard.jpgThe Northern Regional Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP),
Mr D.F. Langa, has disclosed that the people in the three northern
regions are zealous for change and would, therefore, vote massively fro
the CPP in this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections.

an exclusive interview during the campaign tour of the CPP Presidential
Candidate, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom in the Northern Region over the
weekend, Mr. Langa said he was very positive that the people of
Northern Ghana would this time round rally their support behind the
CPP, because both the NDC and NPP failed to deliver on their promise
while in government.

According to Mr. Langa, his people feel
they were unfairly treated by the two parties and explained that as
poverty-stricken sector region, neither the NDC nor the NPP the made
any effort to better their lots.

He said his people are fed up
with the persistent antagonism and quarrelling which have become the
forte of the two parties, instead of concentrating on how to deal with
the problems affecting Ghanaians, adding that “this brings no
development to our people, but instead creates political tension in the
country”, hence according to him, the decision by the people of
northern Ghana to throw their weight behind the CPP.

pointed out that there were many places in the North which lacked
portable drinking water, adding that people in that part of the country
lacked access to decent health facilities.

“This is because
people are impeded in their efforts to get access to the few health
posts in northern Ghana because of the long distance that they are
expected to cover”, he declared.

Mr. Langa lamented about how
the ruling government was deceiving the people in the three northern
regions into believing that it has brought developments into the area,
although the actual situation on the ground does not suggests so.

said till today that there were many schools in communities in the
northern Ghana that are held under trees, with many students dropping
out of school for financial reasons and called upon the people of the
North to vote overwhelmingly for the CPP since its track record in
terms of bringing real development into the lives of Ghanaians was
comparable to none of the political parties in this year’s election.

measures the CPP will adopt to bridge the gap between the north and the
south, Mr Langa hinted that, the “CPP is fielding parliamentary
candidates in the three northern regions who are better educated,
vibrant, and will discuss issues dispassionately in Parliament to bring
about development in their various constituencies”, adding that “the
CPP when given the mandate will create more jobs in these regions to
provide jobs for the inhabitants to enable them have quality standard
of living”.

The Northern Regional Secretary of the CPP took the
opportunity to disabuse the minds of Ghanaians that the CPP is an
ageing party, indicating that the political arena has undergone
tremendous changes, asserting that the CPP is very vibrant and
broad-based party which has both the youth and old in its fold like any
other political party.

He stressed that inasmuch as the party
is not discarding the old it is also working very to reach out to the
growing youth of this country.

According to Mr Langa, the
leadership of the party has embarked upon an educational campaign in an
effort to sensitize the youth about the true ideals and values of the
CPP party. “This is really catching well with youth many of them have
now registered to become members of the CPP,’ he hinted.

said that the blending of both the youth and the aged in the party will
be platform for exchanging ideas and experiences which will go a long
to shape the party in the future.

Touching on the party’s
chances in the Northern Region, Mr Langa, who beamed with confidence,
said the CPP will put up a sterling performance in the December polls
and noted that it was only in this sense that the CPP would be able to
implement its human and development centred policies to get Ghanaians
out of the doldrums of poverty.

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