‘Kufuor’s Zero Tolerance has failed’

cpp_authenic_logo.jpgThe Brong Ahafo regional chairman of the Convention People’s Party
(CPP) Mr Kwame Ameyaw, has stated that President J.A. Kufuor’s policy
of zero tolerance for corruption was a political statement just to
hoodwink Ghanaians into voting for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the
2000 elections.

said the President has not shown much commitment to fighting corruption
since his inauguration in January 7, 2001, thus underlining the fact
that the much touted slogan was only a rhetorical gimmick to woo
unsuspecting minds who incidentally were in the majority to endorse him
and his party in the past two elections.

Mr. Ameyaw disclosed
this when the flag-bearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Dr
Papa Kwesi Nduom toured the Taint and Jamal South Constituencies in the
Brong Ahafo Region over the weekend.

Dr. Nduom who was in the
region to assess how the party’s polling station registration exercise
was going for the CPP was met by enthusiastic crowds.

He charged
constituency executives of the CPP in the two regions to work extra
hard to ensure a resounding victory for the party in the December

In the opinion of Mr Ameyaw, the NPP’s policy of
zero-tolerance for corruption has not been effective in fighting
corruption in government circles and could not fathom why the President
insists on evidence before acting on corruption allegations leveled
against his men anytime the issue came up in the newspapers.

said a CPP government would show greater commitment in battle to root
out corruption which in the opinion of Mr. Ameyaw has eaten into every
fibre of the Ghanaian society, explaining that “this would be done by
establishing independent institutions that will fully be resourced and
supervised with the primary object of curbing corruption in the

On the party’s chances of winning the general
election, Mr Ameyaw indicated that the CPP has a great opportunity to
wrestle power from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the
forthcoming election.

He made it clear that the extreme
antagonism between the ruling NPP and the opposition National
Democratic Congress NDC, coupled with the fact that Ghanaians are fed
up with the two parties present an opportunity fro the CPP to assume
the reins of government.

The CPP chairman noted that apart from
the intense rivalry which is always exhibited on radio programs between
the NPP and the NDC, “it is seemingly clear that the two parties have
nothing new to offer the people of this country” and continued that
“what these two parties are now doing is that they are virtually
talking about the manifestoes of the CPP”.

He listed some of
these ideas as reconciliation, African integration, free and compulsory
education, which he said were the very things that motivated Dr Kwame
Nkrumah to fight to become the first President of Ghana.

to Mr. Ameyaw, the CPP has a very good track record and that was amply
demonstrated during the rule of Dr Nkrumah when this country exploded
with many factories and industries that gave employment to Ghanaians,
adding that “this would be replicated by the CPP if it wins the
December polls”.

He said that a CPP government under Dr Paa
Kwesi Nduom would ensure that measures are taken to protect the
interest of farmers in the country, adding that subsidies and credit
facilities would be given to local farmers to ensure that they stay in

Mr. Ameyaw indicated that a CPP government would
make sure that farmers have market for their produce, maintaining that
storage facilities such as silos would also be provided to them to
avoid post-harvest loses.

Mr. Ameyaw, therefore, took the
opportunity to call on Ghanaians to vote massively for the CPP, adding
that the CPP is the only party that keeps to its campaign promises and
would ensure a prosperous Ghana, where more jobs would be created.

tasked constituency executives to canvass for more votes so that the
CPP can win the December 7 elections. Mr Ameyaw cautioned party members
and faithful to be weary of the language they use in campaigning, and
added that they should always be guided by the principle that the CPP
is a non-violent political party.