Ghana, Burkina Faso to strengthen relationship

Ghana and Burkina Faso would enter into a bond that is expected to see the two countries mutually benefit tremendously.

Samari, Upper East Regional Minister and Mr Simeon Sawadogo, Minister
for Central East Region of Burkina Faso have reiterated plans to work
as a team to develop their regions and strengthen the relationship
between Ghana and Burkina Faso.

They said the two regions had so
far been collaborating in agriculture, health, and trade and would
strengthen the team work between them to tackle issues on Tuberculosis,
HIV/AIDS, Immunization and Cerebro Spinal Meningitis (CSM).

two Ministers were speaking at a meeting in Tenkudogo, capital town of
Central East Region of Burkina Faso, at the weekend before the
inauguration of Bagre Dam that had in the past contributed to flooding
in the Upper East Region during a spillage.

They noted that but
for the political barriers, people from the two Regions who spoke the
same dialects and had similar traditions and cultures would not have
had any differences living together.

In trade and agriculture,
movements across the two countries would be made easy by relaxing some
immigration restrictions while farmers continue to organize to
undertake exchange field trips to learn from each other, techniques
that would help improve their farm yield and methods of storage.

the two Ministers tried to communicate in the official languages of
French and English, they had no problem conversing freely in the Moshie

The Bagre Dam provides 10 per cent of the electricity
needs of Burkina Faso and is used extensively for irrigation, farming
and livestock rearing.

It was rehabilitated and expanded to increase its capacity and thereby reduce the need for spillage.

Samari was invited to the inauguration because of the friendly
relationship between the two regions and Ghana’s interest in the dam.

Source: GNA