Bawku MCE appeals for peace

bawku_pix.jpgMr Abdulai Abanga, Bawku Municipal Chief Executive, has charged all
disputing factions in the Bawku conflict to chart a new course towards
peace in the area.

said the situation currently has impact negatively on the
socio-economic development of the Bawku municipality and has sent many
people fleeing and brought to a halt all development projects in the

He noted that people all over the world were charting the
course of development and progress and fighting poverty, hunger and
disease, saying, it was rather shameful that the Municipality should be
engaged in fighting and destruction of property.

Mr Abanga said
this when he spoke at a stakeholders’ forum on peace, aimed at
sensitizing the citizens of Bawku on the need for peaceful coexistence
and the rule of law, organized by the National Commission on civic
Education (NCCE) in Bawku on Monday.

He called on the people to
be bold enough to renounce violence and not to sit on the fence with
fear and to allow the future of the town and that of their children to
be jeopardized.

"If our grandfathers bequeathed unto us the
values of war and destruction, we should not allow same to be
transferred to our children, adding; times have changed, hence the need
for us to catch up with the changing times and bring back to our
Municipality the relative peace for enhanced socio-economic development.

society is losing, Bawku is losing, we must all stand up and say no to
all trouble causers, tell them enough is enough. Let them know our town
is being destroyed and posterity will judge us if we sit and allow this
to continue. We can change, so let us change for the better", he said.

said the present situation whereby fear and mistrust had over ridden
the confidence of the people and restricted them from moving freely was
not the best as people needed freedom to transact their daily business,
access health care, go to school and visit friends and relatives.

Michael Fuoh, Deputy Upper East Regional Director of NCCE, appealed to
the people of the Municipality to be tolerant of each other’s presence
and views, saying; "tolerance is not only a moral duty, but a political
and legal requirement, it is the virtue that makes peace possible".

noted that in a democratic society, everyone was free to adhere to his
or her convictions and to accept that others adhered to theirs, thereby
avoiding the imposition one’s views on others.

Mr Fuoh stated
that education was the most effective means of preventing intolerance
and conflict, saying people needed to be taught about what their shared
rights and freedoms were so that they would be respected.

an open forum, the participants agreed that all assembly members
educated their people on the need to tolerate each other and to promote

Source: GNA.