NPP is desperate – NDC

npp_ndc_2006.jpgThe National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it has noted the attempts
of the Communications Director of the NPP’s Presidential Campaign to
divert public attention from the problems and challenges confronting
the majority of Ghanaians.

statement signed by Mrs. Hannah Tetteh, Director of Communications of
the party, stated that the NPP was desperately trying to continue their
propaganda efforts of characterising former President Rawlings as the
sole expression of everything NDC.

"it is very troubling, that
at a time when the average Ghanaian can barely make ends meet the NPP
campaign committee can only focus on the past" it stated.

to the statement, it was regrettable that the NPP only finds it useful
to spend time and effort to vilify one man – President Rawlings – in an
effort to avoid having to offer solutions to the problems that they
have inflicted on the people of this country.

"This is NPP
politics as usual, and we believe that the good people of Ghana will
not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by these propaganda gimmicks and
distractions" it stated.

Having said that, it is time for our
compatriots to tell our colleagues in the NPP that while spin and
propaganda may make for good newspaper headlines it does not address
the issues that most Ghanaians have to face on a daily basis.

to the statement, a public sector worker today earns an average income
of GHC 200.00 a month, according to the Ghana Living Standards Survey,
and spends about 80 per cent of his/her income on food and has 20 per
cent left to take care of all other costs.

Over the last two years fuel and transport costs have soared to crippling heights.

have also been astronomical increases in the cost of water and
electricity, and when you add to the spiralling cost of obtaining
accommodation in our towns and cities then it is not surprising that
the average Ghanaian public sector worker and most Ghanaian workers are
constantly in debt.

According to the statement, living
standards for most of us in this era of "property owning democracy"
have not improved despite the much-touted "wonderful economic
management" that we have had.

The statement therefore assured
Ghanaians that as the political party that successfully brought the
country back to democratic rule, and presided over a government that
allowed ordinary Ghanaians to confidently participate at all levels of
society and governance, NDC would always act to empower people.

Leader and Presidential Candidate of the NDC, Professor John Evans Atta
Mills, had given the assurance that a government under his leadership
would have at the top of its agenda, "investing in people, jobs and the
economy" and overseeing a transparent and accountable government.

Leader of the NDC and our party once again reaffirm our faith in the
Ghanaian people, and our belief that together we can chart a course
for, "A Better Ghana", it stated.

We already know that this
nation "will move forward". The much-vilified President Rawlings
proclaimed that at a rally in 1992 before the Presidential and
Parliamentary elections that took place then, and made that concept the
focus of this first term of the NDC government.