Rawlings: ItÂ’s all madness

jerry_rawlings_2005.jpgFormer President Jerry Rawlings on Tuesday
resumed old ways; blasting the ruling government on all fronts and
accusing it of crafting a grand design to perpetuate itself in
government while emasculating the masses.

He said the New
Patriotic Party under President J.A. Kufuor, has been prosecuting its
hidden agenda and creating discomforts for all, alleging that very
serious things have been happening with many of the people, perhaps
living in a state of self-denial, been oblivious of them.

former President, professing to know the nature of the NPP too well,
said they have created charades to cover up their real intentions.

of your lot was sacrificed in Kumasi because he indicated that he was
going to stand for one of the parliamentary seats. That whole scenario,
that whole charade was described as a contract killing. I stand here
before you and I say that I disagree, because I know the nature of
these people a little too well. And that’s why I’m going to share a few
thoughts and experiences with you.”

Ex-President Rawlings was
addressing a press conference on the occasion of Ghana’s 48th
Republican Anniversary at his North Ridge residence to share his views
on the direction of governance and to marshal followers of his party,
the National Democratic Congress, behind the party’s agenda for
Election 2008.

He said the very last person to fall victim of
the NPP’s scheme of malice, was jailed Tsatsu Tsikata, ex-Chief
Executive Officer of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

his listeners to give him some silence and to pay particular attention,
he said “I’ve been in this political field long enough. I have
experienced enough. I know and see things that a good number of you do
not know and do not see. We have five months more to go, I have to take
advantage of this opportunity and open your eyes…Some of us have
allowed ourselves to be anaesthasized for too long, even those who are
anaesthetized in the hospitals some sooner or later have to wake up.
The time has come for us to wake to what is going on.”

Tsatsu as a ‘noble citizen’ of the land, Rawlings said his jailing has
nothing to do with ‘the false charges against him’ or with him being
guilty of any law, but has ‘everything to do with one and only one
thing’; the NPP is out to test the will and the capacity of the nation
to resist a corrupt dictatorship”.

“Listen, listen. If they fool
you in thinking that …they fell foul of that law, it has nothing to do
with that. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are dealing with a very corrupt,
and an extremely guilty government that has lost all respect, faith and
confidence of the citizenry. A government that can no longer govern by
moral leadership and has to resort to fraud, violence and intimidation
to stay in power.”

Rawlings condemned the ‘Western governments
and their media’ for continuously condemning President Robert Mugabe
and Zimbabwe while ‘whitewashing NPP and Ghana’.

Amidst wild
applause, he said one of the differences between Zimbabwe and Ghana is
that while in Zimbabwe people are running away, in Ghana people have
been shocked into coercive silence and have nowhere to run to.

from the onset, the Honourable Ya Na and his councillors were not
killed because any of he and his elders was guilty of any crime. The
NPP regime needed to emasculate by stamping an electrifying authority,
a virtual shock and all, as some in western power would say, on the
citizenry of Ghana.”

He said haven emerged from a very defiant
revolutionary situation a sense of purpose, very united and strong,
Ghanaians were too united to be ruled by people with questionable
character who needed to divide the rank of the people through
chieftaincy issues, taking advantage of pockets of conflicts in order
to succeed with their agenda.

“And once you become weakened, Ladies and Gentlemen I have said it before, any lizard can rule a disunited people.”

Rawlings said in the same vein, Issah Mobila, the late Convention
Peoples’ Party’s Northern Regional Chairman, was arrested and tortured
to death to further silence the people.

No more kid gloves for NPP

He said the NPP has been pampered for far too long, to the extent that
the government has now assumed an air of intoxicated confidence to jail
innocent people like Tsatsu, George Sipa Yankey, Victor Selormey, Dan
Abodakpi and co and urged all in the NDC to rally together to checkmate
and take them on in pursuit of what is right.

said characters in the NDC had created the impression that they know
too well and had therefore spurned good counsel from him and his
colleagues. But he said he would no longer keep mute over the misdeeds
of his own men.

Rawlings urged all NDC followers not to wait
till election time to demonstrate their tenacity, beliefs and
conviction but to live it everyday else the NPP would walk away again
with ‘the theft of 2004 polls’.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, December
2008 is here with another election opportunity. The big question is
whether our leadership has learnt any lesson. Ladies and Gentlemen, and
while we are waiting for an answer, let me remind the honourable
citizens of Ghana that the power of June Four lay in the fact that
people all over the country, even in the remotest corners of the
country woke up to do the right things. Young and old, men and women,
no matter the tribe or religion, no one needed to wait for anyone in
Accra to fight for Freedom and Justice. Ladies and Gentlemen, fishermen
out at sea, do not have to wait for our brother Professor Badu Akorsah,
Atta Mills, Rawlings or Kufuor, to set the sail when the wind is rising
and to head back home…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, do not let
anyone from the NPP or the state agencies tell you what you know
better….Its only five months away, our nation will be put to the noble
test of seizing our right to freedom and justice again. Fellow
countrymen and women, let us prove our capacity to win in December by
continuing to turn up in our numbers at every opportunity as we have
always done…”

Author: Isaac Yeboah