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jj 2.jpgA pro-Rawlings NGO, Youth for Leadership, has congratulated former
President Jerry John Rawlings, on the occasion of his 61st birthday
which falls on June 22.
The group described the
ex-President as a legend who had been “sent as a leader to rescue the
future of our nation from total destruction”.

In a statement
signed by Abubakar Musah Sidii, National Chairman, the NGO said the
former President had a remarkable accomplishment of transforming a
collapsed economy into “a growing, cheerful and hopeful (one), with
real people participation in governance, without disruptions and

“The strong convictions and unwavering
principles of Mr Rawlings have inspired and will continue to inspire
many young people of Ghana despite attempts by latter-day (historians)
to twist the history of Ghana and take away his good deeds.”

group said his firm and unwavering conviction for social justice and
the truth no matter the cost, was what the youth must absorb and

“His principles of volunteerism, probity and
accountability, transparency, positive defiance, which he amply
demonstrated in his leadership of Ghana in the past and present, are
what we the Youth for Leadership in Ghana would want in the present and
future governments of this country.” GNA